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Group join the Qingdao international engineering Alliance

    4 Month 27 Today, international project development of Qingdao Union inaugural meeting of the first session of the General Assembly and held in Shangri-La Hotel. Provincial government leaders, China International Contractors Association leadership, as well as international project development of Qingdao Union 45 companies on behalf of 100 people to participate in the General Assembly. Group Vice President and General Manager of overseas representative of Jian Shi group attended the meeting.

    Qingdao International project Development Union Is the initiative of the municipal urban and rural construction Commission guidance, qingjian group, Kai in glue, and Lacey's total, survey and mapping Institute and many other construction companies spearheaded a non-profit community organizations. Union will revolve around "along the way" development strategy, focusing on demand, Service-Center, to project as a link, to finance for the protection, led companies to enter international market towards the 3 year affiliate 80 Home, perfect mechanism, built structure, democracy, science, service standards, international development Union In a pragmatic manner, Qingdao, China International project The harmonious development of the industry.

    The consideration of the General Assembly the adoption of the preparatory work for the development of Qingdao international construction Union report and development plan, the Qingdao international engineering Alliance Constitution, the Qingdao International Union election approaches to project development, Qingdao international project development Alliance was elected the first Board of Directors, and to elect the President, Vice President and Secretary-General of the League.

    After the election, the General Assembly held the inauguration ceremony of the Qingdao international project development Alliance, the Qingdao municipal government leaders and the main leaders for the unveiling of the League City, Qingdao City, urban and rural construction Committee. Then, the President, Vice President, Secretary-General of the General Assembly, governing the awarding ceremony, and Foreign Office of the awarding ceremony. Group of 19 companies was elected Vice President of the unit, group project to be elected to Union Office of the Lao of Laos.

    Then, Qingdao, Qingdao municipal government officials, urban and rural construction Committee leaders and the first President of the Qingdao Bureau of Commerce in charge of the leadership, as well as around "Along the way" strategy, jointly explore the overseas market through the International Union, foster Qingdao international brand and other related topics for a speech.

    In addition, the enterprise the Union held a Union on project cooperation agreement signing ceremony. Union City, Qingdao and Qingdao City industrial investment co, architectural design and Research Institute, survey and mapping, Qingdao, China Research Institute signed a memorandum of understanding on the industrial park project in Cambodia; and the group signed the Lake apartment project in Yangon, Myanmar main Asia memorandum of cooperation.

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