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Inya Lake group Myanmar International apartments project signed

    6 Months 13 days, and investment (Singapore) Limited (hereinafter "letter") with the group cooperate in Myanmar Yangon CITYSTAR hotel successfully held the "Myanmar International apartments project signing ceremony of inya Lake". And investments, the Group attended the signing ceremony. 

    At the signing ceremony, representatives of the two sides on the Myanmar market is very promising, and the objective analysis of the operational advantages, and hopes the two sides can complement each other in the cooperation, complementarity and solidarity, close collaboration in the future business development. The last Sino investment Taylor Tan, General Manager and Vice President and General Manager of overseas Myanmar the Jian Shi inya Lake apartment project construction contract signed.

    The projects are located in Yangon, Myanmar University Avenue 74 The famous inya Lake, United States Embassy, and between Aung San Suu Kyi House, are in prime locations in Yangon are letters and investment tailored specifically for high profile people in Myanmar House, construction area 1.7 Square Prestressed pipe pile foundations, underground layers, floor 12 , underground 2 layer, for a total 78 Sets. Subject to this contract ended, duration 10 months and cost 3500 more than million.

    Group respond positively to the country "along the way" strategy, combining the actual group overseas marketing, response appropriate overseas markets to expand "combined base and develop itself as the" basic policy will focus on international market development of layout in South-East Asia. After two years of effort, the group in the past has opened up Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, based on the market. The signing ceremony was successfully held, further confirmed the correctness of the strategy group on international markets, for the Group next practice and deepen the international strategy has laid a good foundation.

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