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Group convenes semi-annual economic operation analysis meeting 2016

    On Aug. 6 and Aug. 7, 2016, in the meeting room at fourth floor of group headquarters, the group convenes the semi-annual economic operation analysis meeting. President Mr. Ma Shujun presides over the meeting and Mr. Shang Yanqing, the chairman of the broad, attends the meeting and gives his speech.

    The meeting consists of two sections. The first section is report from each unit. Sequentially, six reconstructed units and five core units reported their semi-annual economic operation and their process towards annual objectives; ten departments at headquarters reported their process towards annual objectives and work plans for next half year. Each report was carefully listened to and given comments and advices. The second section is enlarged meeting of the board of directors, which reports the general economic operation status and the process towards annual objectives. On behalf of the group, the president briefly sums up the major achievements in the first half year and assigns major work plan and arrangements for next half year.

    President Mr. Ma Shujun firstly fully recognizes and affirms the group’s performance in this year as structure reform, development, operation and management continuously progresses and some performance indicators show significant new changes. In the first half year, the group completed structural adjustment, inspected fulfillment of annual objectives at each level; concluded and signed letters of responsibility of senior managers to canvass business orders, target responsibility documents for each units and engineering project and responsibility document for managing and contracting for the eight units. The group succeeds in introducing multiple management systems, such as engineering management system, passing reexamination on “three standards—quality, safety, environment” and developing and implementing trail performance measurement system. From this January to June, the respective number of participated competitive bidding projects, completed production value, area of newly contracted projects, area of successful bids and production value of successful bids is higher than the corresponding period of last year whilst the amount of eight controllable expenses drops.

    President Mr. Ma also, upon capturing the group’s major issues on marketing task, salary reform, debt settlement and execution force, puts forward five key tasks and major relative measures. The five tasks are: 1)to make seeking projects and contracts the first priority; highlight and fully participate in regional market and business opportunities. 2) to focus on project management. 3) to highlight debt settlement, financial management and control and risk control. 4) to comprehensively implement performance measurement for all staffs on the basis of experimental units. 5)to promote execution power through a series of measures and stick to company’s system and rules.

    Mr. Shang Yanjing, the chairman of the board, stresses five requests in his speech. The first request is that an enterprise should also establish “political discipline” for staffs to follow. The application of “political discipline” is threefold: 1) organizations at all level should firmly implement the issues and items stipulated by the group. 2) every staff in the group should develop his personal accomplishment and comprehensive quality to be able to keep in the big picture and support his team and his leaders. 3) every staff should try his best to make himself an example for others and his manner and speech should represent positive energy. The second request is for staff to carefully study and implement the Accountability Ordinance of Communist Party of China. The third request is for all staff to have a clear understanding of work without corruption and avoid making such mistakes. The fourth request is that the spirit of this meeting must be promptly delivered and effectively implemented. Group meeting must be held to propose specific work plan to comprehensively progress project soliciting, debt settlement and performance measurement. The fifth request is that leaders must set examples for and lead staffs to go forward.

    At last, the meeting calls for every staff to be confident, innovative and courageous to assume responsibility. With joint effort of the whole group, we will certainly make a difference and take a turn for the better in the next half year!

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