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Strategic cooperation agreement signed by Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Jiang Shun Co., ltd.

    On October 1st, a thrilling partnership between Qingdao No.1 Construction Group and Jiang Shun Co., Ltd. emerges as they reach consensus and sign a cooperation agreement.

    On the principles of equality and mutual benefit and complementary advantages, they sign a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, Jiang shun Co., ltd. will become the supplier of a full range of air conditioning equipment and materials and relative installation services for the construction projects operated by Qingdao No.1 Construction Group at Laos. Basing on the agreement, the two companies will share their resources and seek mutual development.

    It is stated by both companies that signing the agreement is strategically significant for the future development of both parties. One the one hand, after signing cooperation agreement, Jiang Shun Co., ltd. will provide Qingdao No.1 Construction Group with a full range of air conditioning engineering solutions with most favorable price for the construction projects of the latter party. This will lead to stronger competitiveness at engineering technology support and construction costs. On the other hand, after entering into cooperation relationship, the two parties will support and advertise each other, promote mutual development and realize win-win cooperation.

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