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Built in CASC 2017 year half year economic operation analysis workshop

    8 Month 19 morning , built a group of 2017 annual economic work Conference held in the function room at Headquarters in the first half. Meeting was chaired by Chief Executive Sun Conglei, Shang Yanqing Chairman attended the meeting and made a speech.

    At the meeting, Chief Accountant Gong Fang on behalf of a group was built half-economic operation analysis report.

    Ma Shujun, President for half a year work reports. Brief summary of a building group in the first half of the economic operation and management achievements. Construction Group and the overall situation has improved. Last year, turnover increased by 14%, a total construction area of growth 23%, the new construction area growth 48%, newly signed contracts rose 26%. The new construction area, newly signed contracts for two indicators to achieve the time half the task half a goal.

    In terms of annual work, early is a building company established the Division for strategic investment, industrialization,PPP project for the study and discussion. Second, revised contract mandates punishments and signed above Assistant President staff and indicators of domestic Marketing Department carry responsibility. Third, pilot school project contract lows project node in the first half profit margin of 6.05%, Foundation awards cash 7 million. Core level entered into contract number of projects reached 4 .

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